2013 BMW F 800 GS Accessories & Parts

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2013 BMW F 800GS

2013 F 800 GS Parts

OEM Accessories MSRP
2013 BMW F 800 GS $12,090.00
Low Suspension Option Factory Installed $250.00
Functional Inner Bag For Top Box N/A
Small Windshield N/A
Low Suspension Plus Package $580.00
Engine Protection Bar N/A
Aluminum Panniers N/A
Vario Side Cases N/A
Standard Package Factory Installed $545.00
Center Stand N/A
Functional Tank Bag N/A
Inner Bag For Aluminum Panniers N/A
Mounting Kit Touring Windshield N/A
Center Stand N/A
Safety Package $595.00
Side Case Mountings N/A
Alpine White $0.00
Aluminum Top Box Backrest N/A
On-Board Computer Factory Installed $295.00
Inner Bag For Variable Panniers And Top Box N/A
Heated Hand Grips Factory Installed $250.00
Top Box Mount N/A
Storage Cover N/A
Hand Protector Large N/A
Electronic Suspension Adjustmemt Factory Installed $350.00
Low Seat Factory Installed $0.00
Aluminum Top Box 32-lt. N/A
Saddle Bag Mounts Factory Installed $150.00
Comfort Package $505.00
Standard Package Factory Installed $250.00
BMW Navigator IV Bracket N/A
Low Seat N/A
Wind Deflector N/A
BMW Navigator IV N/A
Touring Windshield N/A
Hand Protection Bars N/A
Mountings For Aluminum Side Case N/A
Anti-Theft Alarm Factory Installed $395.00
Off Road Tires $0.00
Headlight Guard N/A
Variable Top Box 25-lt. to 35-lt. N/A
Enduro Aluminum Bash Plate N/A
Enduro Rear Bag N/A
Anti-Theft Alarm System N/A
Spoiler Hand Protectors N/A
Premium Package Factory Installed $505.00
Backrest Pad For Vario Top Box N/A
Soft Bag 2 Various Styles N/A
Comfort Seat N/A
Extended Splash Protector N/A
Variable Insert N/A
Cordoba Blue $0.00
Center Stand Factory Installed $175.00
Automatic Stability Control (ASC) Factory Installed $400.00
Rally Seat N/A
Hand Protector Small N/A
Comfort Seat Factory Installed $145.00
Kalamata Metallic Matte $0.00
Large Tinted Windshield N/A
Total: (price with selected accessories) $12,090.00
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