2012 Saxon Motorcycle Whip

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Saxon Motorcycle Whip 2012
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2012 Saxon Motorcycle Whip

2012 Saxon Motorcycle Whip Base


Having only been founded as recently as 2004, Saxon Motorcycle Company is a fairly new name on the motorcycle market. The company specializes in production custom model motorcycles that are reasonably priced. While much of the custom bike market is dominated by a manufacturing process that’s fragmented, Saxon Motorcycle Company applies professional management and production processes to produce quality custom style bikes. The company was founded by passionate motorcycle enthusiasts with years of experience in management, production, and creative enterprises. With a talented team of engineers, designers, and manufacturers, Saxon has quickly established itself as a player in the production custom bike market. Saxon Motorcycles are manufactured in Gilbert, AZ and the company has a dealer network across the U.S. and Canada, with distributors in Europe, South Africa, and Australia. But despite initially making a strong entry into the cruiser market, Saxon Motorcycles has suffered something of a downturn as the custom bike craze has subsided. The company’s all-in approach to the custom bike market has put them at the whims of a fickle buying public that rapidly moves on to the next trend in motorcycling. Sold once before in 2009 when the original owners found it too much of a struggle to maintain Saxon Motorcycles has been put up for sale yet again. Having seen their American market share diminish in the past few years, the company is also currently working to expand and establish dealerships across Europe in countries like Belgium, France, Germany, Portugal, Denmark, Russia, and the Netherlands. In the past Saxon has been criticized for its customer services and its problematic warranties. Whether or not the company will be able to move beyond these setbacks remains to be seen. However despite all of this, they’ve continued to produce interesting bikes like the 2012 Saxon Motorcycle Whip.

The 2012 Saxon Motorcycle Whip is an ultra-retro styled chopper that looks as if its come straight out of a 1970s biker film with Peter Fonda. However the Whip has got an abundance of modern features you would likely not have found on Captain America’s bike in Easy Rider. A 1566cc S&S engine that comes standard in flat black but is also available in polished chrome powers the 2012 Saxon Motorcycle Whip. The Whip’s retro looks are accentuated by 80-spoke wheels and severely raked and raised front forks. The bike has a long and low profile like a classic chopper and a wide back tire that makes it look almost like a drag bike. The engine is paired with a right side drive, six-speed transmission. A handmade custom bike that’s classified as a chopper, the 2012 Saxon Whip features modern technological features like an electric starter and hydraulic disc brakes. Like all Saxon bikes, the 2012 Saxon Motorcycles Whip is wide open to customization possibilities. Custom graphics and paint as well as specially made accessories by Sinister Industries are available directly through Saxon Motorcycles USA. These include fuel tank graphics, custom paint, and other features.

Like all motorcycles produced by the company, the 2012 Saxon Motorcycles Whip is made to order. Typically from order to delivery, the production of a new Saxon Motorcycle Whip takes about eight weeks. The 2012 Saxon Motorcycles Whip benefits from the company’s commitment to quality, value, and customer service. By continually refining and improving its product line, Saxon Motorcycles maintains a level of quality that’s exemplified in the 2012 Saxon Motorcycles Whip. A 24-month limited warranty comes with the 2012 Whip. Available extra options for the 2012 Saxon Motorcycle Whip include four levels of special paint, polished engine and transmission, polished billet wheels, chrome package, black package, and a choice of two different custom S&S engine upgrades. With classic chopper style, good performance, and a not unreasonable price, the 2012 Saxon Motorcycle Whip is a fantastic looking bike that reviews indicate is a lot of fun to ride.

New For 2012
  • The 2012 Saxon Motorcycles Whip has been carried over from the previous year with no significant changes.

2012 Saxon Motorcycle Whip Specs

  • Model: Saxon Motorcycle Whip
  • Engine Type: 1573cc 45-degree V-twin
  • Bore and Stroke: 92.1mm x 117.5mm
  • Compression ratio: 10.1:1
  • Valve Train: OHV
  • Induction: S&S Super E Carburetor
  • Ignition: Electronic
  • Transmission: Six-speed right side drive
  • Final Drive: Chain
  • Fuel Capacity: 3.5 gallons
  • Estimated Fuel Economy:
  • Brakes (Front): Brembo four-piston caliper
  • Brakes (Rear): Brembo two-piston caliper
  • Suspension (Front): 41mm telescopic 11 in over 80 in
  • Suspension (Rear): NA
  • Wheelbase: 80 in
  • Rake: 40 degrees
  • Trail: NA
  • Seat Height: 26 in
  • Curb Weight: 430 lbs.
  • Tires (Front): 21 in x 90/90
  • Tires (Rear): 200mm x 18 in


  • Four levels of special paint available, including custom
  • Polished engine and transmission
  • Polished billet wheels
  • Chrome package
  • Black package
  • Pillon pad
  • Two-up seat

Key Competitors For The 2012 Saxon Motorcycle Whip

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  • Honda Fury ABS

Available Whip Sub Models

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