2011 Big Dog K-9 250

Motorcyclist Online helps you research the used 2011 Big Dog K-9 250 before buying this Chopper bike. The 2011 K9 250 is made in USA. Big Dog first introduced the K9 model in 2011. With front Hydraulic Disc brakes that will securely stop this ...     read more
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2011 Big Dog K9 250

Model Overview:

2011 K9 250

Bodystyle Chopper
Warranty 24 months
Manufacturer Country USA
Introduction Year 2011
Displacement (cc) 1819
Engine Type V Twin
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2011 Big Dog K-9 250


The 2011 Big Dog K-9 is a custom chopper motorcycle and available as a K-9 Base submodel and a new for 2011 K-9 250 submodel. Befittingly, Big Dog manufactures their undeniably American choppers in America’s heartland: Wichita, Kansas. The K-9 features super-fat tires and is nine feet long. The chopper sports a four-inch backbone and an eight-inch down-tube fork with a total rake of 42-degrees. Big Dog fits the K-9 with a gargantuan 11.8-inch (300-mm) rear tire. The K-9 250 derives its name from its 9.8-inch (250-mm) rear tire. The 2011 Big Dog K-9 250 also falls below the K-9 in weight, engine size, and compression ratio. The K-9 250 also differs in dimensional aspects like seat height and wheelbase.

The 2011 Big Dog K-9 delivers a lot of pose mixed with uncomfortable goes, meaning this is not some easy rider. Two hours of highway-speed wind buffeting married to that chopper (don’t even think about shifting in the saddle) stance will erode stamina from even the fittest members of humanity. A day in the saddle on the K-9 will produce similar results to a day in the saddle on a Quarter Horse; that being multiple aches accompanied by fatigue. The K-9 certainly gains attention but demands as much as it gives. However, the K-9 makes any person straddling its metal look great, and the K-9 chopper excels at looking undeniably conspicuous.

While not the best choice for riding to Sturgis, The K-9 may be the best choice for riding in Sturgis. First time riders will be amazed at how well the K-9 actually handles, and how easily it manages to crawl down main street U.S.A. The ride has a distinct feel to it with that enormous tire weighing down momentum and steadily pulling at takeoff. Like a locomotive leaving the station, the chopper takes some time to transfer power from the engine, to the tire, to the pavement. Once moving, the K-9 picks up speed well. That large tire absolutely lends a feeling of stability on the straights but riders will need some time to accustom themselves when turning. Appropriately, steering is very balanced and controlled at low speeds as this is where the chopper prefers to be ridden. Big Dog set forth to engineer rear passenger comfort into its bikes and that commitment is seen on the K-9. The available two-passenger seat is comfortable and when matched with the available sissy bar, rear passengers may actually enjoy riding more than the pilot. However, that may be due more to vibrations during acceleration, which force the driver’s feet off the footpegs with subsequent hip abduction to keep them planted, than merely to uncomfortable ergonomics. Either way, rear passengers receive the more forgiving end of the deal.

New For 2011
  • Big Dog introduces the 2011 K-9 250 which includes a smaller, 9.8-inch rear tire for improved handling, reduced stroke, and smaller engine.

2011 Big Dog K-9 Specs

  • Model: 2011 Big Dog K-9 / 2011 Big Dog K-9 250
  • Engine Type: 1917-cc, 45-degree V-twin / 1819-cc, 45-degree V-twin
  • Bore and Stroke: 4.1 inches and 4.4 inches / 4.1 inches and 4.1 inches
  • Compression ratio: 9.6:1 / 9.7:1
  • Valve Train: Single overhead valve, pushrod
  • Induction: Air
  • Ignition: Electric
  • Transmission: Six-speed manual
  • Final Drive: Belt
  • Fuel Capacity: 4.4 gallons / 3.8 gallons
  • Estimated Fuel Economy: N/A
  • Brakes (Front): Hydraulic disc
  • Brakes (Rear): Hydraulic disc
  • Suspension (Front): telescopic fork
  • Suspension (Rear): twin sided swingarm, dual hidden shocks
  • Wheelbase: 82 inches / 72 inches
  • Rake: 43 degrees / 42 degrees
  • Trail: 4.4 inches / 4.7 inches
  • Seat Height: 24.3 inches / 24.5 inches
  • Curb Weight: 701 pounds (dry) / 667 pounds (dry)
  • Tires (Front): MH90-21 56V / MH90-21 56V
  • Tires (Rear): 300/35-R18 87V / 250/40-R18 81V


  • Electronic fuel injection
  • Clear or tinted, 10.5-inch, sport windscreen
  • Two-passenger seat, backrest pad, push solo seat, and pillion pad
  • Eight storage solutions including: hard, covered saddlebags; a luggage rack; and a touring tailbag with a top roll
  • Backrest mounting plate
  • Sissy bar mounts and bar
  • Rider and passenger footpegs
  • Hand grips

Key Competitors For The 2011 Big Dog K-9

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  • Honda Fury ABS
  • Saxon Motorcycles Whip Base
  • Saxon Motorcycles Griffin Base

Available K-9 Sub Models

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