2009 Yamaha TT-R 110E

Motorcyclist Online helps you research the used 2009 Yamaha TT-R 110E before buying this Off-Road bike. The 2009 TTR 110 E is made in Japan. Yamaha first introduced the TTR model in 2008. With front Drum brakes that will securely stop this TT-R110E ...     read more
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2009 Yamaha TTR 110 E

Model Overview:

2009 TTR 110E

Bodystyle Off-Road
Warranty 3 months
Manufacturer Country Japan
Introduction Year 2008
Displacement (cc) 110
Engine Type Single-Cylinder
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2009 Yamaha TT-R 110E


The 2009 Yamaha TT-R line of motocross bikes offers something for every member of the family, literally! From the child-friendly 49cc TT-R50E, to the mid-sized TT-R125, to the much larger, 223cc TT-R230, riders of all experience levels can find something to be excited about in this versatile line of bikes from the Japanese manufacturer.

The Yamaha TT-R50E is perfectly suited for small children who are just starting their relationships with motorcycles. Featuring Yamaha's durable, air-cooled, SOHC four-stroke engine, and Mikuni VM11 carburetor fuel delivery system, the TT-R50E has plenty of pep without being too overpowering for younger, inexperienced riders. Like previous models, the 2009 Yamaha TT-R50E's stopping power comes from 80mm front and back drums, while the suspension is nicely smooth, courtesy of the 3.8 inch travel inverted shock up front, and 2.8 inch travel single shock in back.

By comparison, the TT-R110E features Yamaha's 110cc, four-stroke SOHC engine with Mikuni VM16 carburetor fuel delivery, and constant-mesh, four-speed, chain-driven transmission. With a top speed of 40 mph, the TT-R110E is best suited for riders who have outgrown their 50cc bike, but who aren't quite ready for the larger, more powerful 125cc bikes. The TT-R110E gets its stopping power from a 95mm front-end drum, and a 110mm rear drum, and its suspension is a front telescopic fork with 4.5 inch travel, and a Swingarm Monocross rear spring with 4.3 inches of travel.

The 2009 Yamaha TT-R125 and TT-R125LE each feature the Japanese manufacturer's 124cc, air-cooled, SOHC, four-stroke engine, together with Mikuni's VM20 carburetor fuel delivery system. Featuring a substantially larger engine and heavier body, these bikes offer more punch and power. The transmission is a constant-mesh five-speed with multi-plate wet clutch. Braking is handled by a hydraulic 220mm disc up front, and a 110mm drum in back, while the suspension on the 125 lineup consists of a front telescopic fork with 7.1 inch travel, and a single rear shock with 6.6 inches of travel.

The big daddy of the 2009 Yamaha TT-R family of bikes is the TT-R230. It's powered by a 223cc, SOHC, air-cooled, four-stroke engine with Y26P fuel delivery. The transmission on this model is a constant-mesh six-speed with multi-plate wet clutch, and the brakes include a 220mm single hydraulic disc on the front, and a single 130mm drum on the rear. The suspension is efficiently handled by the 9.5 inch travel telescopic fork in the front, and the single rear shock with 8.7 inches of travel. The TT-R230 is the largest and heaviest in the line, weighing more than twice as much as the TT-R50E.

The entire TT-R lineup has Yamaha's signature motocross styling, and iconic blue and white finish. For a family of riders, the 2009 Yamaha TT-R lineup of motocross bikes offers everything you need, and then some.

New For 2009
  • Each of the sub-models in the 2009 Yamaha TT-R lineup of bikes is a crossover model, and does not feature any major changes from the previous year's models.

2009 Yamaha TT-R Specs

  • Model: 50E, 110E, 125E, 125LE, 230
  • Engine Type: Four-Stroke
  • Bore and Stroke: 36mm x 48.6mm, 51mm x 54mm, 54mm x54mm, 70mm x 58mm
  • Compression ratio: 9.51:1, 9.31:1, 10.01:1
  • Valve Train: SOHC
  • Induction: Carburetor
  • Ignition: Electric, Electric/Kick
  • Transmission: Manual/Automatic Clutch, Manual
  • Final Drive: Chain
  • Fuel Capacity: 0.8 gal, 1 gal, 1.6 gal, 2.1 gal
  • Estimated Fuel Economy: N/A
  • Brakes (Front): Drum, Hydraulic Disc
  • Brakes (Rear): Drum
  • Suspension (Front): Inverted Fork, Telescopic Fork
  • Suspension (Rear): Twin Sided Swing Arm
  • Wheelbase: 36.4 inches, 42.5 inches, 49.2 inches, 50 inches, 54.5 inches
  • Seat Height: 21.8 inches, 26.4 inches, 30.5 inches, 31.7 inches, 34.2 inches
  • Curb Weight: 125 lbs. wet, 158 lbs. wet, 198 lbs. wet, 256 lbs. wet
  • Tires (Front): 2.5 X 10, 2.5 X 14, 70/100 R17 40M, 80/100 R21
  • Tires (Rear): 2.5 X 10, 3 X 12, 90/100 R14 49M, 100/100 R18


  • Deluxe Hour Meter and Tachometer
  • GYTR Panel Stand Various Styles
  • GYT-R Cross Bar Pad Various Styles
  • GYTR Graphic Kit
  • Utility Bag
  • Blue Oil Dip Stick
  • GYT-R Mini Stand
  • GYT-R Clutch Cover Cap
  • GYTR Billet Oversized Foot Pegs
  • GYTR Tall Seat Kit

Key Competitors For The 2009 Yamaha TT-R

  • 2009 Honda CRF50F
  • 2009 Honda CRF100F
  • 2009 Suzuki DR-Z70
  • 2009 Kawasaki KLX110

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