2009 Harley-Davidson Road Glide

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Harley-Davidson Road Glide 2009
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2009 Harley-Davidson Road Glide

2009 Harley-Davidson Road Glide Base


If it were possible to transform the ripped muscular appearance of a bodybuilder into the form of a motorcycle, it would result in the Harley-Davidson CVO Road Glide. For 2009, the Custom Vehicle Operations (CVO) division of Harley-Davidson has upgraded the standard Road Glide bike into a beast for the streets.

The heart of the 2009 Harley-Davidson CVO Road Glide is the Screamin Eagle engine. Boasting a 1100 cc displacement and a top speed of 130 miles per hour, the Screamin Eagle is the most power engine produced by the most iconic American motorcycle manufacturer, and can be found only on CVO machines. The V-Twin air-cooled muscle machine features the Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection (ESPFI), and produces 115 lb-ft of torque at 4000 revolutions per minute (RPM). Power is smooth and accessible, thanks to the electronic throttle control and a heavy-duty, self-adjusting clutch with hydraulic actuation. CVO has made this engine just as beautiful as it is powerful with the granite powder coat with chrome covers, new air cleaner, and a custom air cooler with the CVO logo.

The chrome 2-1-2 exhaust header pipe design, with four-inch touring mufflers and chrome end caps, gives off a loud, commanding report and style for the boulevard, while at the same time directing the heated gases away from the rider's legs, thereby making time in the cockpit very comfortable. The six-gallon fuel tank gives the bike a surprisingly long range, thanks to the 47 mpg highway and 32 mpg city. The CVO Road Glide regulates power to the road via the smooth and precise 6-speed Cruise Drive transmission. The bumps in the road are further smoothed out by the Touring exclusive air adjustable rear suspension, making time in the saddle a pleasure, whether you find yourself on the busy city streets, or on the open road.

Rider comfort begins with a new low-profile, two-up seat with Buffalo inserts, and a matching passenger backrest. The new frame increases passenger leg room behind the calves by about 5/8 inch. The chrome internally wired handlebars set the rider at normal Touring posture. The instrument panel features custom spun aluminum metal-faced electronic speedometer and tachometer with backlighting, while auxiliary gauges receive the same treatment. Standard equipment includes cruise control, and two-speaker AM/FM/WB/CD/MP3 Advanced Audio System by Harman/Kardon. The overall stance of the bike is lowered, aerodynamic, and aggressive. The fairings, the extensive chrome found from front to rear, and the lowered injection-molded GTX saddlebags give the CVO Road Glide practicality, style, and plenty of highway performance.

The 2009 Harley-Davidson CVO Road Glide comes standard with stylish 18-inch Blade wheels wrapped in Dunlop 407 front and rear rubber tires. Braking duties are handled masterfully, thanks to Brembo ABS (anti-lock brake) hardware front and rear with four-piston front calipers. The bike also features chrome screens, a CVO emblem, and four-piston calipers in the rear.

The 2009 CVO Road Glide is available in three color combinations: Yellow Pearl with Charcoal Slate, Stardust Silver with Titanium Dust, and Electric Orange with Vivid Black. A security system with smart siren, a CVO indoor cover, and unique Harley-Davidson CVO gold ignition key with display box are all included.

New For 2009
  • There were no significant changes to the 2009 Harley-Davidson Road Glide compared to the previous year's model.

2009 Harley-Davidson Road Glide Specs

  • Model:Road Glide
  • Engine Type: Two-Cylinder
  • Bore and Stroke: 3.8 x 4.4 inches
  • Compression ratio: 9.2 :1
  • Valve Train: 4-Stroke
  • Induction: Fuel Injected
  • Ignition: Electric
  • Transmission: 6-Speed Manual
  • Final Drive: Belt
  • Fuel Capacity: 6 gal
  • Estimated Fuel Economy: 39 mpg combined
  • Brakes (Front): Disc
  • Brakes (Rear): Disc
  • Suspension (Front): Telescopic Fork
  • Suspension (Rear): Air Adjustable
  • Wheelbase: 63.5 inches
  • Seat Height: 26.9 inches
  • Curb Weight: 405.7 pounds
  • Tires (Front): 130 / 90 – B17
  • Tires (Rear): 180 / 65 – B16


  • Brackets
  • Racks
  • Luggage Bags
  • Suspension Upgrades
  • Gauges and Console Upgrades
  • Custom Exhaust
  • Foot Controls
  • Front End Modifications
  • New Lights
  • Hand Controls
  • Rear End Modifications
  • Seat Upgrades
  • Wheels and Sprockets
  • Windshields
  • Red: Wind Screen
  • Red: Top Box
  • Black: Rear Rack

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Available Road Glide Sub Models

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