2008 Suzuki GSX-R Accessories & Parts

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Suzuki GSXR 2008
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2008 Suzuki GSXR

2008 GSXR Parts

01-04 Carbon Fiber Tank Pad
04-05 Black Color-Matched Hugger
04-05 Carbon Fiber Foot Peg Trim
04-05 Carbon Fiber Side Panel Trim Set
04-05 Carbon Fiber Tail Trim
04-05 Chassis Protectors
04-05 Gel Seat
04-05 Tank Cover
04-05 Windshield
04-07 Carbon Fiber Fuel Cap Trim
04 Plus Carbon Fiber Gas Cap Trim
05-06 Carbon Fiber Large Tank Pad
05 Color-Matched Hugger
06-07 Carbon Fiber Gauge Trim
06-07 Carbon Fiber Look Gel Seat
06-07 Carbon Fiber Tail Trim - Assorted Colors
06-07 Carbon Fiber Tank Side Trim
06-07 Chassis Protectors- Assorted Colors
06-07 Color-Matched Hugger
06-07 Gel Seat
06 Carbon Fiber Foot Peg Trim - Assorted Colors
06 Plus Axle Blocks
06 Plus Carbon Fiber Top Crown Trim - Assorted Colors
06 Plus Windshield
07 Carbon Fiber Complete Trim Set
07 Carbon Fiber Tank Pad - Assorted Colors
07 Chrome Tank Pad
Aluminum Swingarms Spools
Assorted License Plate Frames
Black / Matte Black
Blue / White
Delrin Swingarm Spools - Assorted Color
GSX-R Logo Tire Valve Cap Set
GSX-R Sportbike Cover
Large Universal Carbon Fiber Tank Pad
Silver / Yellow
Small Universal Fit Carbon Fiber Tank Pad
Sport Motorcycle Cover - Blue
Sport Motorcycle Cover - Red
S Suzuki Tire Valve Cap Set
Suzuki Pro Race Fork Stand
Suzuki Pro Race Rear Stand
Suzuki Sportbike Cover
Suzuki Sport Pack
White / Silver
2008 Suzuki GSX-R 750 Parts 2008 Suzuki GSX-R 750
N/A / N/A
2008 Suzuki GSX-R 600 Parts 2008 Suzuki GSX-R 600
N/A / N/A
2008 Suzuki GSX-R 1000 Parts 2008 Suzuki GSX-R 1000
N/A / N/A
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