2005 KYMCO Vitality

Motorcyclist Online helps you research the used 2005 KYMCO Vitality before buying this Scooter bike. The 2005 Vitality is made in Taiwan. KYMCO first introduced the Vitality model in 2005. With front Disc brakes that will securely stop this motorcycle ...     read more
KYMCO Vitality 2005
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2005 KYMCO Vitality

2005 KYMCO Vitality 50


The 2005 model year marked the debut of the Vitality, a scooter from Taiwanese motorcycle, scooter, and ATV manufacturer Kwang Yang Motor Co, Ltd. (Kymco). For its first year in the market, the Kymco Vitality was offered as a lone model. Kymco set the manufacturer’s suggested retail price at $2,099.

The 2005 Kymco Vitality is sometimes referred to with the addition of a ""50"" numerical suffix to denote the displacement of its engine at 49 cubic centimeters. (The displacement is rounded up to 50.) The engine itself is a four-stroke, air-cooled, single-cylinder unit, with a reed intake valve configuration and bore and stroke of 39 x 41.4 millimeters (1.54 x 1.63 inches). Although riders can turn on the engine with the scooter’s electric starter, Kymco added a kick starter as a back-up.

The engine on the 2005 Kymco Vitality is mated to a Continuously Variable Transmission, an automatic gearbox that can improve fuel efficiency by having an unlimited choice of effective gear ratios to choose from. Completing the powertrain is a chain drive, and each 2005 Vitality scooter has a peak fuel capacity of 1.3 gallons (5 liters).

Each 2005 Kymco Vitality uses a front-disc-brake rear-drum-brake set-up for its stopping prowess. A telescopic fork and twin-sided swing arm with rear shock comprises the scooter’s suspension. The 2005 Vitality rides on 12-inch aluminum wheels wrapped in tubed tires.

The 2005 Kymco Vitality has fenders, fork guards, and side covers over its solid steel frame, and sports a blue or red color finish. A center stand below the scooter enables the driver to park the scooter with ease. Digital instrumentation on the 2005 Vitality consists of a clock, trip odometer, speedometer, and fuel level warning gauge. A halogen headlight and pair of rearview mirrors help enhance visual perception. For storage, each 2005 Vitality has a rear rack, under-seat and lockable compartments, and a place to hang a helmet.

Each 2005 Kymco Vitality has a length of 75 inches (1,905 mm), width of 28 inches (1,066.8 mm), height of 42 (1,066.8 mm), and wheelbase of 51 inches (1,296 mm). The one-piece vinyl seat on the scooter, which accommodates only one occupant (the driver), is set at a height of 32.8 inches (835 mm). The dry weight is estimated at 213 lbs. (96.6 kilograms).

The 2005 Kymco is a nifty little bike, with a moderate amount of power, acceptable braking and handling ability, considerable amount of storage, and relatively lightweight build and design. Customers looking for a no-frills scooter may do well with this one.

New For 2005
  • This is the first model year of the 2005 Kymco Vitality; all exterior design features were new.

2005 Kymco Vitality Specs

  • Model: Scooter (2005 Kymco Vitality 50)
  • Engine Type: 49cc four-stroke air-cooled single-cylinder
  • Bore and Stroke (millimeters/inches): 39 / 1.54 x 41.4 / 1.63
  • Compression ratio: N/A
  • Valve Train: Reed valve
  • Induction: Carburetor
  • Ignition: Electric with kick-start back-up
  • Transmission: Continuously Variable (CVT)
  • Final Drive: Belt
  • Fuel Capacity (gallons/liters): 1.3 / 5
  • Estimated Fuel Economy (miles per gallon): N/A
  • Brakes (Front): Disc
  • Brakes (Rear): Drum
  • Suspension (Front): Telescopic fork
  • Suspension (Rear): Twin-sided swing arm, with rear shock absorber
  • Wheelbase (inches/millimeters): 51 / 1296
  • Rake: N/A
  • Trail: N/A
  • Seat Height (inches/millimeters): 32.8 / 835
  • Curb Weight (lbs./kg): 213 / 96.6
  • Tires (Front): Tubed 120/70-12 on aluminum wheel
  • Tires (Rear): Tubed 130/70-12 on aluminum wheel


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Available Vitality Sub Models

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